Bill Nelson
Home Lodge: Wa-La-Moot-Kin 336 (336A)
Home Council: Blue Mountain 604 (604)

Member since 07 Sep 2020

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Wa-La-Moot-Kin 336A
Miquin 68B

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This user has 310 items across 3 published collections.

  • 'Numbers' collection

    located at Richland, WA and containing 116 items

    My attempt to collect a flap from each lodge that issued one. I try to collect flaps that show the Lodge Totem and are attractive (IMO). The collection is over 450 Lodges at this point, and I'm waiting for the PV curators to catch up...

  • Wa-la-moot-kin Patches

    located at Richland, WA and containing 123 items

    This is my collection of all issues (that I've been able to obtain) from Wa-la-moot-kin Lodge #336. It includes flaps, event patches, neckerchief pies, and NOAC flap and pocket sets.

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