Allegheny trails Council #527,
Pittsburgh, PA


Dustin Ferris
Todd Rogers
Adam Hoffman

Lodge Details

Superceded 1993

Lodge Details
1967: From merger of Kuwewanik 57 and Chimalus 242 1993: Merged with Tanacharison 67 to form Enda Lechauhanne 57

Lodge Totem/Insignia Gustoweh, war club, and pipe

Name Translation Seneca Half-king, Crosses Standing in a Row (Seneca)


Membership No Membership Data

Regular Issue

C: Chenille

N: Neckerchiefs: silkscreen, embroidered, or with patches

P: Pie or other shape designed for a neckerchief point

S: Solid embroidered flap shape

X: Any odd shape

Y - Prototype or Unclear Provenance

J: Jacket Patch

Chapter Issues

Chimalus Chapter

Kuwewanik Chapter