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Laurel highlands Council #527,
Pittsburgh, PA


Dustin Ferris
Todd Rogers
Adam Hoffman

Lodge Details


Lodge Details
Formed 2011 from merger of 57c Enda Lechauhanne and 275b Nachamawat, with 540 Ahtuhquog being absorbed in 2014

Lodge Totem/Insignia Mountain Lion

Name Translation Strong All Together

Membership No Membership Data

Regular Issue

C: Chenille

F: Flap, Not Fully Embroidered

J: Jacket Patch

N: Neckerchiefs: silkscreen, embroidered, or with patches

R: Round

S: Solid embroidered flap shape

X: Any odd shape

H - Historical Issue

A: Arrowhead

S: Solid embroidered flap shape

Q - Lodge Reject/Unofficial

S: Solid embroidered flap shape

X: Any odd shape

Chapter Issues

Ahtuhquog Chapter

Chartiers Creek Chapter

Mohican Chapter

Monongahela South Chapter

Nimat Wachtschu Chapter

Nischa Nimat Chapter